Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hello 2009!

What a pity I haven't written anything in here for so long. I guess I've been preoccupied with all the other things happening in life---i.e. my sister's wedding in October and my own engagement just one week later!

I'd like to think I've been more creative since I last posted but the truth is I haven't been super productive...I painted a portrait of my sister and her husband as a wedding gift, but other than that I've barely picked up a pencil in my off time.

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to maintain my sketchbook again, but since I am forever at a loss for inspiration, I decided to approach things a bit differently. Rather than taking on the often underwhelming task of drawing from my imagination (which usually means not drawing at all), I decided the best thing to do is start learning from artists I admire. So I plucked a children's book off the shelf and did a study of my own version of a P.J. Lynch piece from his book The Bee Man of Orn.

I was hoping this would lead to much more sketching and thus more learning-- but alas! I was just contacted about a very quick project to illustrate a short book about pioneers for an educational Reader series. Just when I thought I'd have the chance to do a little experimentation, I have to wait to finish another job first! I'm actually very happy to have the work since it is the first time I'll be working on educational illustrations. It seems like a great opportunity and since it's less than a month's worth of spare time work, it's great extra money, too!

Here are the quick layouts in progress...

It's almost Christmas and I can't believe it! So much I want to do and now I have so little time to do it!!!! Here I go...back to work, sneezy-coughy cold and all!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Well I had quite the surprise yesterday when I walked into my favorite children's bookstore, Curious George, in Harvard Square. I was out and about with Adam and my good friends Rachael and Mark, with the intention of introducing Rachael to the amazing selection of awesome books they carry (she being a 4th grade teacher is always looking for good books to use in the classroom). As soon as I stepped into the store my eyes darted to their new arrivals section-- and low and behold --- Ballots for Belva was there on the shelf staring back at me!

I must admit my heart fluttered with excitement, and all I could do was point and stare and muddle something to Adam to get his attention. They were all pretty psyched to see it there, and Rachael grabbed one of the two copies for herself faster than a frog eating a fly! Adam got a few shots of the display for me so that I could show my family.

I have a feeling that as I begin to see the book around in various stores I may have to indulge my disbelief by photographically documenting each occurrence, at least until the surrealism wears off. Because right now it is a very, very strange feeling. A mix of accomplishment and complete embarrassment and vulnerability-- I did after all have only two months to work from start to finish, so my mind will always wonder what I could have done with more time. But it is what it is, and it seems to be making the people around me feel good, and that is a great feeling.

Upon checking out at the register, Rachael apparently told the store manager that her friend who was currently somewhere in the store had illustrated the book, so I found myself being summoned to meet her. She was very excited and asked if I would come back to the store and sign a few copies when they had more in stock, to which of course I said yes. The funniest part was that I told her I was not expecting it to even be out until the end of the month, and that I hadn't even received my copies of the book yet!

So overall, it could not have been a more ideal first sighting! My favorite bookstore in Harvard Square with my boyfriend and good friend! What a treat!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mystic Murals Managed!

Oops--- guess I never posted how these murals turned out. Anyway, here's a taste!

The Sunset backdrop, as painted by Adam.

Ice. By me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For Serious?

Wow. It has been tooooo long since my last post! Life is happening, friends.

Life is happening in a pretty amazing way.

I moved to Boston (old news to most of you) and I began my first full time, real life, big girl, grown-up job. I am the (newly created position) junior web designer at Life is good.® I work on Newbury Street and I love everything. My job consists mostly of creating web graphics and editing and color-correcting product photography. I am enjoying it throughly, but I must admit it leaves me with little energy to pursue my own creative projects after hours.

But don't let that fool you. In actuality my weekends (the only time I have to give to outside creative endeavors) are booked until September with projects!

For the next four weekends, Adam and I will be working on a series of four large scale murals as part of an upcoming exhibition on the Arctic at the Mystic Seaport Museum. Below are the working sketches of the exhibit we'll be working on.

As soon as that project is complete, I'll move swiftly on to the Noah Webster portrait that I've been commissioned to paint for the Noah Webster House, which is due by the first week in June. And directly following that I will begin work on an illustrated alphabet project about West Hartford's culture & history which will more than likely put me right through to the begining of September. And with fingers crossed, Ballots For Belva will be hitting the stores shortly thereafter, which may or may not lead me to participate in whatever book signings or press things that Abrams might want to happen.

Wow. My schedule has never before been so..... scheduled! I only hope everything moves smoothly and quickly, as I can't say these are my ideal creative projects. Oh well, new experiences will be good for me, I'm sure.

On a side note, I recently received the advanced copy of the printed Ballots For Belva. It certainly is strange to see my name listed as the illustrator of a genuine book. I'm looking forward to potentially seeing it in stores in September, but who knows how that works. Maybe I'll never see it for sale in real life. Afterall, I can't forsee it being the biggest seller, even with the current state of the election... hmmmm....

Anyway, I'm off to go work for five minutes on the cat portraits I promised for my sister's birthday... last month!