Monday, September 27, 2010

Eric Carle Museum

This weekend was my "golden" birthday as I turned 26 years old on the 26th of September. My husband and I kicked off the celebration with a trip to Amherst MA for our second Eric Carle Museum visit.

We were able to FINALLY see the stellar Lisbeth Zwerger exhibit which ended on Sunday. I have always admired her work and own several of her books, but I was more than impressed with how absolutely precious her work is in person. And after seeing them I feel that none of her books have adequately captured the subtleties in color and tone of her work. It was a treasure to see them in real life, in all their wonderful whimsy.

These were a few of my favorites in person:

After we took our time in the exhibit, we made our way into the gift shop, chock full of everybook you could want. We knew we were going to go a little crazy with our purchases, but it's not everyday you see so many high caliber children's books in one place. And, as it was my birthday after all, we shopped til we dropped and have no buyer's remorse whatsoever. We see our book collection as an investment not only in a library that inspires us to create and pursue our dreams, but one that will eventually and inevitably influence our children as well. And that we can not put a price on.

And the icing on the cake was that at 1pm there was a brief lecture given by Maria Tatar, professor of folklore and mythology at Harvard. I'm still in the middle of reading her fascinating book, Enchanted Hunters, so her talk "Little Red Riding Hood from Fireside to Kindle" couldn't have been more perfectly timed. It was an interesting examination of the iterations and permutations of the fairy tale and it's place in our culture. After the talk ended, we made our way back to the book shop to buy her other books and were also able to get them signed.

Trunk full of literary loot, we left the museum grinning ear to ear. Books sure do make us happy.


  1. Wow.. four bags of kids' books... I'm so jealous! :-D And happy belated birthday, btw!

  2. You two are real book lovers :)

    Happy birthday *hugs!*