Wednesday, September 29, 2010

KidBook Nook

Hi guys,

I wanted to let you all know that I've started a new blog exclusively for my reviews of children's books. "KidBook Nook" will highlight a broad range of the best books for children with brief but thorough breakdowns of each book's story, writing, illustrations, and value not only to children, but to the adults who read them, too.

Up until now I've been posting my reviews periodically on this blog, but it's been decided that I will relocate my previously posted "I Love KidLit" reviews and no longer post them on this (my art) blog. My husband Adam and I will be running the new book blog together, sharing our thoughts on the books we admire. I'm looking forward to producing content more frequently and treating blogging as a more serious endeavor.

As an illustrator, I'm generally very selective of the books I purchase for my library, but I am also highly critical of the writing and overall presentation of the books. So I like to think that I have relatively high standards and that the books I own are those worth sharing. Whether you love books as much as I do, or want to provide yourself (or your children) with high quality book experiences, I hope you'll join me in the conversation!

Courtney & Adam's KidBook Nook Blog:

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