Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome to 2011

Woah! I can not believe it's actually the year two thousand and eleven. Seriously??? This spring will mark 5 years out of art school. It's incredible how fast time flies, especially considering that so many dreams have already come true since graduating. (a published children's book, a two year stint at a design job, a wedding, a happy year of marriage, living with my own cats in my own apartment, leaving my job and becoming an illustrator, and working from home everyday!)

Anyway. I'm hoping this will be another great year filled with exciting opportunities and chances to expand, experiment, and evolve my work! At least the first work day of 2011 was productive. We'll see how the rest goes!

Here's the sixth spread from the Red Riding Hood book, completed out of order from the story.


  1. poor liitle red robin hood :-P heh :D Nice

  2. Like the texture in the wallpaper! Did you paint it that way, or did you do the texture and add the lines/shadows on computer over it? Nice work!

  3. This is looking great, Courtney! Lovin'the colorful quilt!

  4. @Sam: Everything is digital. The stripes were laid into the image, the overlaying texture was put in, and then everything is painted back into the illustration to create cohesiveness.