Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aiming High

I'm just begining a new project this week illustrating a short story for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt's Story Town educational program series. (In brief: it involves drawing lots of girls playing basketball). I'm always excited to work with new clients and I hope the project goes well. It's been a couple of months without working so I'm ready to get back in gear but I'm also out of artistic shape. I generally fatigue faster than before and my attention span is challenged but I have a new-found resolve not to let my health disrupt my work flow any further. I'm moving as slow as a turtle but there's nothing like a quick turnaround job from an educational publisher to keep me on my toes.

In other news--
I'm moving this Saturday and although I am about 99% pure excitement about it, there's still a bit of sadness in leaving my Somerville surrogate home of three years. Boston has been a great city for my husband and I and it will be bittersweet to close this first chapter of our lives together. So many great memories have happened since we've been here: new jobs, new friends, an engagement, a wedding, cats, and now a chance to follow my dream of being an artist. When we moved in together in 2008 we were such city noobs. And now just as we've got our city legs we're leaving for the middle of nowhere Rhode Island! LOL :P

But the new place has some SERIOUS space and I can NOT wait to get settled into our awesome new studio! BRING ON CHAPTER 2--'cause I'm ready to get to work!

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