Saturday, June 11, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood: Classic Record-a-Story

EDIT: The book is now available for purchase through click here to buy Little Red Riding Hood Record-A-Story

My complimentary copies of Little Red Riding Hood have just arrived from Publications International!

It's always fun to see the final product and for the most part I'm very pleased with how it turned out. The cover is satisfyingly squishy and has some embossed elements around the animals which is fun.

On the downside, the overall color and brightness didn't come out as I had hoped. My original cover illustration was much brighter/lighter than it appears in the printed version. I think it has something more to do with the way the cover is printed specifically because the interiors don't look as bad. If only they could send me print samples for approval before they actually go to print! Oh well.

BUT I was absolutely flabbergasted in a BAD way when I saw the front cover the first time. I immediately noticed that SOMEONE who is not me had added in blindingly white teeth to Little Red's smile! My original illustration did not show teeth at all--and I for one think she looks better without them. I am trying very hard not to get upset about it. It's not that I am mad that they decided she needed teeth, I am mad that they did not have the courtesy to ASK ME to adjust my own artwork. I would have done a much better job integrating the teeth into my original art than whoever did the edit.

I'm not sure that I have any recourse in dealing with it at this point, besides making them aware that I am extremely displeased that it was never brought to my attention. How frustrating to have my work tweaked by someone else without my permission! THANKFULLY it is not an end of the world situation and is for all intents and purposes a very minor thing---but it just makes me feel powerless and unconsidered.

Which is truly a shame because as far as publishers go, Publications International has been a pleasure to work with, always paying on time and always very communicative with what they want from their artists. I do hope to work with them again, but next time I will make sure to add into my CONTRACT that only I am allowed to adjust my own artwork!


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