Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Plush Puppy

I recently finished up an illustration contribution to a Kickstarter-funded book of 100 kids poems written by John O'Marra. The project, Chocolate Chips and Rocket Ships, is due for a June 1st launch and I've seen a preview of some of the other illustrators' contributions and they are all fantastic!

I don't normally involve myself in self-publishing type ventures (they are usually crummy deals for illustrators), but my husband Adam (also an illustrator) was contacted by John and decided to participate. I sent my own email to John asking if I could as well, and he sent me the poems to read and select one I'd like to illustrate. I was impressed by how many I enjoyed reading. Most are funny and clever and made me see the project had sincere potential. It didn't hurt that John clearly knew what he was doing and had the know-how as well as the ambition to contact the artists, compensate them, provide a contract, and clearly communicate feedback. It was a very professional process, and truly fun to be a small part of helping an aspiring author reach his goal.

This is my submission for the poem called Stay, about a kid who prefers their ideal, well-behaved, plush dog to the real thing.

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  1. lovely illustration! your artwork is really vibrant and energetic! love the texture you creates! I joined your blog too!!!