Thursday, February 7, 2013


My husband and I will be attending the NE SCBWI conference in Springfield this May. After much deliberation I was able to finally select my sessions--it was a lot of back and forth trying to figure out what overlapped with what. I'm a little disapointed that so many illustration workshops overlap. It means I can't take everything I want to and it also leaves me with chunks of time where I'm forced to take a writing-focused workshop. Eep! Scary. I am essentially a total novice and very intimidated by that whole thing. Hopefully I'll learn a
lot while I'm there, but I wish they had spread out the illustration
courses so that there was always at least one to choose from...

Anyway, it should be fun and informative either way! Here's what I went with
My selections are in blue, my husband's picks (Adam Hunter Peck)  are in green.
I tried to get a variety of things within what is applicable to my career, and Adam went with a lot of business/marketing sessions since that's his thing.

If you're going, too, let me know and keep an eye out for us!
My picks: A7, B6, D4, E5, G1, H2, J3, K3, M1, N2
Adam's picks: A6, B1, C4, F5, J3, K4, L3


A7 ~ The Element of Story: How to Develop a Compelling 
Children’s Illustration Portfolio with Teri Weidner 

B6 ~ Learning to Live with Rejection: Navigating the Long 
and Winding Road to Publication with Christine Brodien-Jones

A6 ~ Keyword By Word: Create a Plan to Brand, Sell, 
and Promote Your Novel with AC Gaughen and Hilary Weisman Graham

B1 ~ Situational Time Management with Gail Gauthier


D4 ~ Line by Line: Inside the Agent/Author Relationship 
as they Make a Manuscript Submissions Ready
with Stacy Barnett Mozer and Linda Epstein

E5 ~ Eye Candy: Creating a Compelling Piece of Sample art with Sarah Brannen

G1 ~ First Look: Your Single Best Piece Critiqued with Christina Rodriguez

H2 ~ Rhythm, Rhyme, and Repetition: 
A Picture Book Writer’s Three Rs with Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

C4 ~ Scene Structure with Laurie Calkhoven 

F5 ~ From Picasso to Pixels with Carlyn Beccia


J2 ~ Writing Outside of Your Cultural Box: 
Creating Multicultural Characters Outside of Your Culture with Natalie Dias Lorenzi

K3 ~ 7 Animation Concepts Every Illustrator Should Steal with Gaia Cornwall

M1 ~ The Craft of Early Readers with Dana Rau

N2 ~ The Yin and Yang of Character Development with Kami Kinard

J3 ~ Facebook Strategies for Authors with Michelle Fontaine

K4 ~ All About the Blogs: Everything You Need to Know 
About Reaching and Working with Influential Book Bloggers with Kellie Celia

L3 ~ Why Every Writer Needs to Be Creating Video: 
And Why It's Much Easier Than You Think! with Katie Davis

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