Saturday, March 30, 2013

I Was Made For Sunny Days

Today was the second morning in a row that I took my breakfast outside to enjoy some beautiful blue cloud-free sky. Is there anything better than soaking up some vitamin D in the warm, unobscured sunshine? 

I'm sure the clouds rolled in a little later. I was in the basement studio all day so who can say?
Perhaps the afternoon looked like this.
I imagine it did. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rabbit & Coyote

It's getting to be that time when work I did a year ago can finally come out of the closet! It's a bit of a bummer that I can't share my work as I do it, but thems the rules. I did this back in January of last year so it ought to be quite safe to post now. These are from the folktale "Rabbit & Coyote," which features an overly self-assured coyote and some tricksy rabbits.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


My agent, Nicole of Tugeau2 requested all her artists to submit a new piece for a character mosaic promo she is sending out to contacts. I didn't quite know what I wanted to do for it but I sat down with my sketch book and a Cinderella-esque figure began to emerge. So I took the sketch into Photoshop and started painting.

Here is the final piece and a bit about the process I've been using to create my work lately. It involves sketch > to black and white painting, color conversion > to evolution to the final full color. Working in black and white first is helping me to focus on form, composition and lighting without muddying around with the color. My recent work has been improving with this process (I'd show you but I can't since they are freelance projects--I'll have to wait!).