Monday, July 8, 2013


I've finally begun on the first bits of what will hopefully become my first full-fledged writing endeavor (it happens to be a YA sci-fi novel series in three planned installments). It's been an interesting experience so far, and probably the most exciting and intriguing creative project I've yet attempted. As an illustrator I've never thought myself much of a storyteller. Sure, I can grasp the kinds of storytelling cues to consider when bringing images to a text, but I never really feel like I put much of myself into my work. There is always a disconnect. A barrier that separates the satisfaction of creating something from the personal pride in imbuing it with some bit of my true self. I never feel like I'm illustrating for me. Because I'm not. I'm serving another author's words. A story that is not my own.

Writing allows for boundless freedom to express myself through my own ideas. But what if I'm not a good storyteller? This question plagues me beyond all others.

For now, I'm ignoring that self-doubt and replacing it with curiosity and the thrill of trying. Trying something new, something that scares me, something that allows me a level of self-expression lacking in my other creative outlets.  Perhaps I will turn out to be less of a storyteller than I wish I were. But for the first time in my life I feel like I have something to say and I must push through my self-imposed fear and limitation in order to serve that voice. The voice that tells me that there is something worthy in this struggle. That it just might be what I need to become the person I've known I was all along.

We shall see.  


  1. All the best in your writing endeavor! So as a brand new iPad owner I am curious about your set up. I assume that is a bluetooth keyboard. I was wondering what program... or app you use for writing.


  2. Thanks, Doug! Yes, I am using a wireless keyboard. It's comfortable and works well but it has been doing a weird glitchy thing every so often where it will get stuck repeating one letter like thisssssssssssssss. And then I will have to go back and delete. Not ideal, but I'm managing.

    I'm writing my manuscript as a private file in Google Docs so that I can access it anywhere-- on either my computer, iPad or iPhone. I also like that it saves multiple versions automatically so I can go back and see my alterations. Plus it makes for easy sharing when I want feedback from trusted family/friends.

    I sort of envision getting the rough first draft done on the iPad and then going to my desktop computer for the real work. :)


  3. Thanks so much. I am also new to Google Docs which I now think is Google Drive, right? It's hard to keep up with technology and all the possibilities. I was recently amazed when my doctor came in the examining room for my annual check up and whipped off the cover from an iPad which had a keyboard on the inside and the iPad set into a slot landscape wise making a cool little mini-computer! I commented on it and he said it was from Logitech. That little iPad has lots of applications!

  4. Just be careful... please read the warnings from a professional writer about thinking too much about writing instead of just writing.:

  5. WOOHOO! Go for it, and good luck!