Monday, February 9, 2015


I've made a decision that I think is for the best but may prove challenging to adhere to. From now on, I must relegate the doodle paintings to nights and weekends (as with any hobby), so that I can focus and structure my studio days around picture books, writing, and illustration. I love creating the doodles but I know that ultimately they distract me from doing the things I want to do most but that I am afraid to do. I must prioritize and truly give my career as a book maker the time and attention it needs. I need to treat it like a proper work day and be more disciplined than I have been, otherwise I'm never going to get where I want to go.

I love doodling, and I think it has many positive spin-offs into my art. I just don't want it to continue to be the crutch I lean on when I'm scared to conquer my real dreams. They are part of me, too, and they won't be going away. But right now I need them to be my hobby, not my career.

Yesterday (Sunday) I spent some time painting a few new doodles to have at the ready when I have some spare time. I don't usually have weekend days free for creative time, but the weather has been keeping us pretty snowed in. When I'm productive, I don't mind the cabin fever. But I do sort of miss leaving the house!

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