Thursday, December 14, 2017


NEW DOODLE: "There Beneath" is complete. As always, prints (5x7=$10, 8x10=$15, 12x16= $35) and the original painting ($400) are available in my Etsy shop:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


It was a few months in the making but my screen print finally arrived from Lady Lazarus printshop in Texas! And they did a beautiful job overall. The print is 13 colors with a metallic layer applied over much of the image which makes it nearly like a foil print, especially being on pearlescent paper. It is an edition of 30 (plus artist proof copies).

It was a huge milestone and a dream come true to go through the process of illustrating and printing these. I've already learned a lot about file preparation and how to anticipate and avoid (or...not avoid) certain issues when translating the image to separate ink layers.

I'm ready for more!

- 24"x36"
- Screen Print
- 13 x Colors with a Metallic Layer
- 105# Neenah Stardream Crystal paper
- Limited edition of 30
- 10+ APs
- $75 plus shipping

Link to purchase:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Last week an educational project came up out of the blue. Fortunately the timing was such that I had just finished the pencil drawing commission of Boo from Monster's Inc., and hadn't yet financially committed to any other commissions. So I'm putting that endeavor on hold and jumping into what is only the second professional gig I've had since I left my job in April.

I spent four days drawing first pass color sketches for the project (7 images total) and now I await feedback. I won't hear back about them until next week, which leaves this week free to finish up the work I have started for myself. I go on vacation next week and the project will be waiting for me when I return. It will take me the following couple of weeks to finish so any art time that is "me" time won't come again before end of October.

In light of that, I became determined to finish the Pocahontas poster I'd started a few months ago. I'm happy with the way it turned out but mostly it feels great to check it off the to-do list (and finally get it on the wall once I get it printed).

Not sure what else I'll be able to accomplish this week, but I'll be working on Wonder Woman whenever I get a few minutes.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


All this free time has been extremely inspiring, and I want to make the best use of it while I'm feeling healthy and ready to work. I've been piling up on projects for myself, starting several so I never run out of things I can be working on. 

In the meantime, my finances are missing the steady flow of income I was accustomed to for the past few years. To help offset some of the financial strain, I've begun working on commissioned drawings. At the moment I've opened up 4 slots for work, and I am excited to see how the process of working for strangers feels. 

The best part is that I'm basically getting paid to practice drawing and try my hand at working with real materials again. It feels good to use pencil and colored pencil and all this drawing time is bound to help keep me in shape when it comes time to work digitally. 

This week I drew a Baby Moana in watercolor and colored pencil and a colored pencil portrait of Gadget Hackwrench from Rescue Rangers. 

I have a few commissions lined up so I will be working on fulfilling them in the coming days and weeks. 

I also started on a Wonder Woman poster and Game of Thrones portraits. 

I haven't had this much fun making stuff in ages. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Finished artwork. I'm pleased with where this ended up. I would love more opportunities to illustrate sci-fi themes. Hope to continue to see what I can do with this emerging speckled style. 

And a version as a mock book cover:

Thursday, August 3, 2017


I've begun on a new illustration to be included in my agent's promotional booklet for the fall. For a long while I'd been at a loss as to what to do for this one. People frequently ask artists where they get their ideas, and in general it is not always easy to trace the genesis of a concept. Yet in this rare instance there is a definite point of origin for this: my bathroom.

Hanging on the wall above my bathtub is a print of a Maxfield Parrish painting and yesterday I found myself half-looking at "Morning" and a thought occurred to me: What if the figure leisurely sitting on the rocks was sitting on Martian rocks? 

From there the idea interwove with two characters from a sci-fi story idea I have been working on for a while. That story idea is not set on Mars, but referencing them helped me populate my illustration with characters who I can already picture and who I know have a certain relationship. From there, I found references of two other Parrish paintings and combined them to create my final composition. 

For this promo piece, I wanted to deliberately do three things: create an image with the feel of a book cover, use slightly older characters than I usually do, and use more than one figure (I tend to do single figures a lot). I'm now super excited to complete it, as I feel it represents a lot of what I like to illustrate. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017


I'm creating posters for two more of my favorite films. The basic composition for Practical Magic has been underway for a while now but I only recently made some significant adjustments that are helping me to like it much better overall. Still many things to work out but I'm excited about this direction.

In the meantime I'm chipping away at Pocahontas whenever I have a few minutes at the computer. The color difference on this piece between my monitor and my Cintiq is alarming so I'll have to be careful to make sure the colors are accurate before I'm finished. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My agent is sending out a promo based on the theme "Fairy Tale". We were encouraged to interpret the theme how we wanted, from reinterpreting an existing tale to making an image with a fantasy feel. I chose the latter. I'm not quite sure what the story is here, but I think it involves a magical tree home to a few woodland sprites who grant wishes to those who promise to keep their existence a secret.

Friday, June 9, 2017


The days are quickly stacking up as it's now been over a month and a half since I left my day job. I've continued to put time into working on my illustrated Contact poster in hopes of completing it by my self-imposed July deadline. I think I'm on track to meet it. Still have a ways to go as you can see in the update below. But it's coming together and I'm happy with it thus far.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


NEW DOODLE: "Splendor" is complete. As always, prints (5x7=$10, 8x10=$15, 12x16= $35) and the original painting ($120) are available in my Etsy shop:

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Now that I'm intentionally unemployed I have a lot of time on my hands to work on my own stuff again. Unfortunately, my right thumb is is still uncooperative and in too much pain to draw for very long. I'm hoping I can chip away at things here and there. My first goal is finishing up this alternative movie poster I'm making just for kicks. I'd like to get it finished in time for the 20th anniversary of the Contact's release on July 11th. Definitely still tweaking things but the overall composition is close to what I want...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I've officially left my wonderful job at The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, RI where I have had the pride and pleasure of working as the graphic designer for the past six seasons. 

The decision that it was time to move on was made back in January, but I finished out my work for the current season last week. Leaving a job I have really enjoyed is not easy, but over the past five and a half years I have learned a lot that undeniably made me a better designer. Having become rather comfortable in the job, I felt it was time to challenge myself again. My friend Jon has been hired in my place and I couldn't feel better about passing the reins on to him. The Gamm is a fantastic place to work and I am grateful for the friendships I've made in my time there and very proud of the work we accomplished together. 

I hope to return to freelance illustration in the coming months. Unfortunately at present the leaving of my day job overlaps with my need to tend to health issues. So first and foremost I will be focusing on feeling better so that I can get my body to a place where it can physically handle illustrating again. 

In the meantime, I have time. Time to walk and read and take my medications and use the infrared sauna and improve my nutrition and day dream and draw and doodle and REFLECT. Reflect on how lucky I am to have the chance to follow my heart and my art, wherever they take me. 

Monday, February 27, 2017



I spent the weekend at NerdCon Nerdfighteria, a convention composed of about 3500 millennials (and younger). I'd guess the median age was 23. If you aren't familiar with the Nerdfighter community, it's hard to explain exactly what "Nerdfighteria" is. Simply put, it's a subculture that promotes unironic enthusiasm. Complexly, it's an internet grown community, a mix of geeky, non-binary, full spectrum, inclusive, science-loving, Harry Potter fandoming, information-sharing educators, vloggers, writers, artists, creators, and appreciators. It's a lovely, inspiring, and beautifully weird thing. Which I guess is the best kind of thing, really. It truly was an exceptional weekend amongst a wonderfully inspiring community. Life's too short not to be nerdy. Unironic enthusiasm is awesome.

Also, on Sunday I had a maker table selling my doodlepaintings prints. Turns out, Nerdfighters like doodlepaintings. And I like Nerdfighters. Win-win.

So...thank you, Nerdfighteria. You're even more beautiful in the flesh. #nerdcon #happytears #imnotcryingyourecrying #DFTBA

Thursday, February 23, 2017


My first post of 2017 and it's nearly March? Oops.

Here's a quick catchup:

  • I completed two small freelance illustration projects in January and early February
  • I decided to leave my part-time job as a graphic designer at The Gamm Theatre after 6 years
  • I was feeling pretty great about the prospect of focusing on on illustration & writing full time 
  • Lyme disease came back with a vengeance
  • I started going to infrared sauna treatments to help the pain and KILL THE BUGGERS
  • My right thumb swelled up and I was in too much pain to draw
  • I cried a lot
  • I sat on the couch a lot
  • I finished this doodle anyway.

This weekend is Nerdcon Nerdfighteria in Boston and I will be attending as an uber fangirl of Crash Course, Sci Show, and the brothers Green, among others. Looking forward to having a maker's table on Sunday and having the chance to share my doodlepaintings with fellow Nerdfighters. (I hope you like 'em, peeps!)

Regardless, I expect it will be a lovely weekend surrounded by lovely, inspiring people.

So....DFTBA and: