Monday, April 9, 2007

Finishing Touches

Ok, so I think I'm finally settled on this piece. Although I'd finished the painting of it a couple weeks ago, I was still unsatisfied with it. So I took it into Photoshop and tweaked it a bit to my liking. The original painting wasn't as luminous as it is now. I really wanted to add to the glow of the window, cool down the orange of the back wall, and darken the right side in general. So I did.
I think it was for the better.

So here goes:

What I like About It:I'm happy with my stylization of Pinocchio and Geppetto, and I like the color. I like the warm color scheme and my minimal use of green for extra flavor. I also like the moment that I chose to depict... a quiet, intimate moment between father and son, you could say. I'm also kind of happy that Geppetto turned out to somewhat resemble of my own dad (a carpenter). It made it more personal for me I guess, seeing as how my father had three daughters but no son.

What I'd Do Differently:Every piece is a learning experience, and with this piece I learned more about working with the acrylic on cold pressed illustration board. But I might like this piece more had I done it on gessoed board, with the swirly underpainting that I sometimes use. I just feel it needs some sort of underlying visual interest to really pull it together. I also wish that Geppetto felt less stiff, and more organic and natural. His arms are kind of posed and solid, and I think that if he were more loose than it would really make Pinocchio feel that much more wooden. Also, in my original sketch, Geppetto's expression bordered more on concentration and melancholy, and the final painting he's sort of smiley. I think I would like the tone more if he was a bit less happy and a bit more...something saddish.

Perhaps I'll do another from the story...

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  1. I really like this painting. I don't love it as much as Jack, but I really love where you're going with the stylization of your people. My only criticism of this painting is the black outline around everything. I think Geppetto would feel less stiff without it, and I think it flattens the piece. For some reason I like the outline in Jack, but not here. Your Pinnochio looks like Adam :)