Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chalk Penguins

Oh, the Providence Street Painting Festival. My first year competing, and my second year of attendance. It really is a unique experience, but one I'm not entirely sure I'll do again anytime soon. On September 28th, artists of all ages and places came together to create works of chalk to help raise money and compete for prizes. It's a day of hard work, mixed with plenty of visiting with friends, and good fun for a good cause. I chose to adapt my illustration of three emperor penguins for my drawing.

The highlights of the day were as follows:
  • Getting upgraded from my assigned 4x4 foot square to an 8x8 foot square that was in very close proximity to Adam's.
  • Seeing Greg and getting an awesome t-shirt that he made for free.
  • The many compliments from strangers as I worked.
  • A girl from Brown Radio recording the sound of my chalk.
  • Having my picture taken as I worked by a guy from the Providence Journal.
  • Cute little kids running up to my picture saying things like "it's Happy Feet!" (which it wasn't), or "PENGUINS!"
  • The little boy who made my day by asking me for my autograph.
  • Having my bucket filled with a hefty amount of tokens.
  • Casey, Ayla, Greg, Adam, and Mike all winning prizes!

The downside to the day was being covered in black chalk from head to toe, bleeding fingers, and finger nails filed into points from the friction as I worked. Also not so fun was the next day, when I could barely move because I had inadvertently become a gymnast while I was working on the damn thing. Oops. Note to self: Stretch before dong something like this. Also, being on concrete and walking around the city for 12 hours does a number on your legs. I'm still recovering.

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  1. Awesome penguins! Wish I had made it down to the event. The dinosaurs look great too, Adam's I'm assuming?