Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wedding of Whimsical Wonderment

Woooo! I have been a busy bee creating things for the upcoming wedding...October 2nd is coming up sooo fast. We've just about completed our invitations and should get them out in the mail tomorrow morning! Yippee!

Here's a preview of the package our guests will receive. They are hand made, illustrated & printed by me-- assembled with the help of my mom & sister, and hand addressed by Adam.

I also created a poster (digital painting & photo collage) to go along with the event. It will be framed and placed on an easel somewhere on the grounds.

And I also created a sign for our candy bar. This will get printed and nailed to a cool wooden sign and displayed on the table next to the tasty treats.

And last but not least, the place cards! To tie everything together--these will be printed on torn watercolor paper once I have the official attendance list!


  1. Everything looks fabulous! I had loved designing everything for my own wedding too. I hope you have a relaxing and joyful wedding day!!

  2. how wonderfully original! I hope you have a happy life together!

  3. Thank you, Jane! We've been unbelievably happy together these first 9 months of marriage!! :)