Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Jeepers, it's been a while since I posted on here. Shame on me for neglecting my art with a trip to San Francisco, a week being sick, redesigning my website,  reading almost all 3 Hunger Games books in a few days, and generally procrastinating in the form of cleaning and organizing my apartment from top to bottom. Not that those aren't all decent ways to spend my time, but it does clearly leave little time for creative endeavors.

Which brings me to today's piece, an illustration I created as part of the Halloween-themed promotion my agent will be sending out on Monday. I had every intention of participating in the promo but somehow I just couldn't find an angle that really appealed to me. Halloween is one of my favorite times, because it's just so inherently bizarre. And I love Halloween imagery but tried to stop myself from creating what could easily become some piece of Halloween stock art. I may now go ahead and do one of those pieces as well, but for the promo I wanted to at least attempt to create a more particular scene.

Lately I've really been unsatisfied with my process. I'm definitely working both too quickly and yet not fast enough. Giving myself only one day for idea and execution should be beneficial in that it forces me to work less preciously on my art. But at the same time, I keep over-working my illustrations. Freshness and spontaneity continue to elude me. Part of me wishes this piece was just the sketch and the real one could be repainted based on it--maybe even with traditional media. I miss painting for real. Digital has its place but lately it just hasn't been fulfilling my enjoyment of creating...

Anyway, here's "Pirate Loot," kid-Courtney's idea of the best part about Halloween: THE CANDY! I remember how exciting it was to feel that pillow case get heavier and heavier throughout the night. Imagine if I could have gone to every house in my town! Oh the amazing, delicious, bizareness of a holiday that encourages taking candy from strangers!

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  1. We don't celebrate Halloween in Poland. Well, some kids start making parties and collect candies on that day but it's not really popular.

    That's a lovely piece you've made. The colours you've chosen are fabulous :) Hope the promotion will get you many commissions!

    I sometimes feel similar when it comes to finding balance between traditional and digital media. Usually it's even worse because I want to use every technique I know so it's much more than just two above options :/ Just now I got this feeling of urge to create sth with gouaches... Making even a little piece or a sketch usually does it - so if you feel like painting traditionaly but don't really have time to just make sth small, like a bookmark or postcard.

    Have a nice day!