Thursday, December 23, 2010

RRH Spreads 1 & 2

Yay! I finished the first two of seven double page interior spreads for the Red Riding Hood book. Only five more to go! 

This publisher is VERY particular in the layout and compositions of each piece (they literally sent me very specific sketches for each page!), thus there's been very little room for my own imagination. That being said, to enjoy working within these creative limitations, I've shifted my focus to stylistic elements like texture, color, pattern, spacial value contrast, and my stylization of people. 

So while I do not see this project as particularly challenging of my compositional storytelling abilities, with any project there is still much that can be learned in terms of style and technique. And practice for the sake of practice is always advantageous to the development of my work. It's been a nice experience so far, and I'm having a good time-- which is the most important part----right??