Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slumberland Studio's New Home

Yippee! My husband and I and our two kitties successfully moved this past Saturday. With the help of our families, we were unpacked and completely set up within 24 hours. We are super happy in our new place (a three-floor townhouse condo in small-town Slatersville, RI). We have over 2100 square feet (quite an upgrade from our last apartment which was about 1200), and the entire third floor finished basement level is our new studio and reading library.

 Lucky for me I was set up in time to get right to work on Monday. I'm in the middle of the project I mentioned last time and working in this new studio is a really nice change. I feel so organized and ready to be productive!

Here is a peek at my process using the first of the final pieces for the short story about a girl with a hearing aid who plays basketball. More to come this week.

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