Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Day Ever!

Well, maybe not the best day EVER, but it was pretty great overall. Another super productive day. I managed to squeaky clean the entire house while at the same time tending to an unexpected assignment. I received an email from my agent this morning asking if I could step in for another artist and complete a rush job (sketch needed by tomorrow) for an illustration for McGraw-Hill. I quickly looked at the specs and couldn't believe they were asking for a full-page illustration to accompany (presumably a textbook  re-printing) of Kate Dicamillo's The Magician's Elephant---one of my FAVORITE books...EVER!

I immediately replied saying YES YES YES I will gladly take on the rush job (one of the best assignments I've gotten to date, even if I wasn't the original choice illustrator). And I quickly got to work sketching out the image to the specs they requested. They were pretty concrete on what they wanted (falling elephant, red tent, fortune teller combined whimsically) so I gave it my best shot while adhering to their vision. It may not be how I would have approached it given free reign but I made do.

Personally I feel both honored and completely nervous to have the opportunity to make an image that will accompany this story, even if it is just in an educational textbook or wherever it's going to end up. The published book is perfect in every way, including the beautiful emotive and atmospheric illustrations by Yoko Tanaka. But I'll gladly take the chance anyway. :D

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