Saturday, October 29, 2011

From Doodles to Dollars...

I haven't had much in the way of spare time recently (who does, really?) but I find that when I have a great deal of work to do, I am also at my most productive. What I mean to say is that by having multiple projects going at once, be it freelance work, my own work, or my part time job, I am able to accomplish so much more. I can spend some time on one thing and then when I lose focus or get bored I can take a break and work on something else until I'm eager to get back to the other thing.

Recently I've really started taking my DoodlePaintings more seriously and have not only been producing more and more frequently but I have also begun working on their presentation. They have their own website, their own business card, and a shop on Etsy. I'm not sure whether I'll ever actually sell any online but matting them and putting them all in cellophane bags makes it seem so much more realistic. One day I hope to be able to sell them at art shows and craft fairs and that sort of thing, but in the meantime at least they're ready to go!

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  1. Not sure how i came across your bog but I just got lostreading it and enjoying your work.

    Your doddle paintings are fascinating. I kept thinking they would make beautiful bands for sides or tops of staionery as well as lining for the cards and gorgeous gift wrap. They are so alive and exuberant.

    They are beautiful as painting and I am not an artist. This just popped into my mind when I went to their website.