Friday, June 29, 2012

Free Time Freelance Designin'

Over the last couple of months I've had lots more mini design projects than usual. I assisted in getting my agent's new Tugeau 2 website up and running, re-built my dad's website, started mocking up a new design for The Gamm Theatre's website, created a bridal shower invite for my best friend, put together some logo ideas for Kat from Mugglenet (I created the Alohomora! logo for them) for her personal side business, as well as managing my own design needs for my own portfolio, websites, craft shows, and doodle products. Woo!

Bridal invite:

Logo Ideas:

While in college, I had a scholarship from The American Savings Foundation. One of the perks was their internship program, which set me up with a summer stint at The Noah Webster House after I graduated. Because of that internship, the Foundation's C.O.O. was familiar with my artwork. This year their annual scholarship reception is highlighting past recipients who are making careers in the arts. So I've been asked to be a featured artist, as well as to design the invite/poster/program for the event. Here is my first draft for the invite-- we'll see what we end up going with!

Event Invite:

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