Friday, January 25, 2013


I am attempting to implement some structure to my days by introducing a little something I like to call...accountability. Between my health stuff, lack of motivation, and the freelance doldrums  I felt it was time to get some part of my life back into control.
I've created this weekly schedule that divides my freelancing weekdays into one-hour blocks from 9am-4pm in a school-like fashion. Each of my three days is dedicated to a particular "studio" course. The three courses I've chosen to focus on for the next few weeks are: Picture Book Creation, 3D Artist Books, and Book Cover Illustration. Time designated to these courses is called PROJECT TIME.

Each day begins with a low barrier WARM UP SKETCH TIME. The rest of the day is focused on PROJECT TIME. Interspersed with PROJECT TIME are hour long breaks where I switch gears for a bit while staying on target. This includes CRITICAL READING, wherein I read and take notes on books relevant to my career (illustration and writing references, mostly), and a one hour block occasionally allotted to FREE WRITING.

From 4pm to 10pm each day is the same-- CRITICAL READING, DOODLING, dinner, and WILD CARD (additional time to do whatever creative things I want).
Everything is color coded--ORANGE for loose, judgement-free drawing time, LIGHT BLUE for judgement-free free writing time, and DARK BLUE for important time demanding focus and dedication. Breaks for lunch are shown in RED. I've also tacked up the upcoming assignments from my agent in GREEN so that I don't forget about them. In YELLOW are word prompts that I can consult when I am at a loss for ideas. And in PINK are the current freelance commitments I have to work on---(which will of course take precedent over my PROJECTS as need be).

Clearly defined goals and a game plan are very important to the success of this endeavor. My first goal is just to stick to the schedule. My second goal is to accomplish what I hope to accomplish in each of my projects at the end of 4 weeks: A new 3D book, a book cover for my portfolio, a board book dummy, and a picture book dummy or manuscript. Now, remember that I'm keeping the threshold for success pretty low. As long as I work dedicatedly everyday during the scheduled time, I will consider it a triumph. Any art that actually results is a biproduct of my productivity and so I have no expectations for how "good" these things will turn out. If I can just sketch, read, draw, think, write, and DO STUFF I will feel pretty great about anything I make---because it'll be more than I'm doing now. 

The biggest message and take away from this whole thing is: Above all else, CREATE.

A Special Meal

Finally getting around to posting some of the educational work I completed well over a year ago. This was an interesting departure for me as I used a more flat color, sketchy approach to this. I found it helpful as it allowed me to work a bit faster than I normally would. With more than 400 days between me and this project it's kind of nice to look back and know that I've been learning a lot and improving since then... 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Recently wrapped up these doodles after sitting around unfinished for months...
Originals and prints for sale in my Etsy Shop.


Light and Day