Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The NESCBWI conference is approaching quickly. My new postcards arrived just this afternoon. (250 is a larger number than I anticipated!) I'm hoping to give some out at the conference and maybe do a small mailing of my own a little later. Overall, very pleased with these cards. I used Modern Postcard and the color accuracy is the best out of any tried thus far. Well worth it, especially for the oversized card --these are 8.5 by 6 inches. 

It feels good to have created a piece that I feel plays to my strengths--people, animals, landscapes.

I really want to get more work with older characters. I also want to illustrate stories NOT set in the here and now. Give me fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction, fables, fairytales, animal stories, etc. I don't think I'm particularly suited to the sort of picture books that are trending right now. (You know- super fun, colorful, strong shapes, scribbly line, looks-like-a-child-could-draw-it kind of picture books.)

And I don't mean that to sound snarky. I am so glad there are illustrators out there for those types of very young picture books. I think simplicity is genius. Gestural, expressive imagery is integral to children's visual literacy. I think it's important that there be artwork that directly relates to children and visually parallels their child-like essence. But I've never been that kind of artist. And although I find it amazingly fun to look at, those kinds of images are not fun for me to create. So I'm just trying to get better at doing what I do...and being who I am...whoever that may be. And for what it's worth, I think there will always be some kids out there who prefer illustrations that don't look like something they could draw themselves. Because I was that kind of kid. So I guess in more ways than one, I'm drawing for myself...

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