Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My mind has been preoccupied with the tragic and heinous event that occurred on Monday. I've found it difficult to focus on the work at hand, and although I am getting what I need to done, my thoughts have surely been elsewhere as of late. Checking the news every 20 minutes. Or leaving it on, anxiously awaiting the moment I hear something new. Not because I think I'll ever come to understand why this happened, but because I CAN'T understand why this happened. Sometimes I live contentedly in my peaceful bubble and forget that the world can be a terrible, horrible, no good very bad place. 

I lived in Boston for three years and was a spectator at the marathon twice. The Life is good office where I worked is at 863 Boylston, a hop skip and a jump from the second explosion. I walked by the finish line and 755 Boylston every week day for two years. It's impossible and overwhelming to wrap my head around something like this happening in such a familiar place. And after the relief of knowing all my friends and former coworkers were safe, came the continued disbelief that this actually happened. So many lives will never be the same. And it's not fair. 

We, the helpless onlookers, join in their pain. Because we have humanity. Because we have imagination enough to fathom even just a tiny bit of that pain and become overwhelmed by the injustice of it all. Empathy is the greatest quality we have to offer the world. 

I can't fix the world, but I can feel for it. And find reasons to love it despite it all. I contribute a little of my own color and my own happiness, and try to fight the dark with a glimmer of light. 

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