Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I've been sick with a stupid summer cold for the past few days (courtesy of my husband - womp womp). I haven't had the ability to do much creatively as my brain's felt a bit melty as of late. I had a really good few days working on my novel prior to contracting this snot-inducing head cold. Not much writing just yet, but a good deal of research and plotting and character generation. Things are moving along and it's all rather exciting. 

But in my spare time in between sneezing and feeling yucky, I've been trying to finish up four doodle paintings that have been lying around the studio waiting for a rainy day (or a sick day, I suppose). This is the first of the finished paintings: It's called "Lonesome Dreams".  

Doodling can be a rather comforting process for me. I start with random colors and build the foundation for the drawing, but once I get going it heads in its own direction. I can't plan what it will look like, and I only know I am done when I get that feeling - the voice that says..."That'll do, Pig...That'll do."
In this particular instance, I really wasn't happy with the way it was turning out. But thankfully, the doodling process is a loving one. I don't ever give up on a doodle. I've done over 75 of these paintings now and never once have I scrapped one because I didn't "like it". In fact, I think part of what makes this such a meaningful outlet for me is that there is no stopping until I like it. I have to keep working at the whole painting until I feel like it's reached its purpose. And I take great comfort in knowing that with enough work and determination, anything can be turned around into something worthwhile.

In art, so as in life. Or so I like to think, anyway... 
That's all for now. I need my rest so I can get some art done tomorrow!

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