Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The Scituate Art Festival was a success, thanks to the many friends, family, and strangers who stopped by the DoodlePaintings booth to chat. But the absolute best part of any art festival is interacting with children. And when I can tell that certain kids really connect with my doodles, I try to let them choose a small print for free. It makes me feel good to see kids embrace abstract art and I hope they find it inspirational. Many times they are the most eager to look at each one and say what it makes them think of or imagine.

Two clips from kids I heard this weekend:

(Young girl to her mom):
"They just stopped my eye. I was like 'WOAH. Colors.'"

(Little girl): "These are magnificent." (Her little brother, shyly): "Yeah, I like them, too...

I know my doodles aren't for everybody. But it's really rewarding when I can literally watch people stop themselves from 20 feet away, walk directly towards my booth, and generously share such nice thoughts about my work with me. Typical positive responses involved adjectives like "awesome/thoughtful/cute/wild/neat/beautiful/gorgeous/fun/cool/different".

But I have to say, my favorite comment of the weekend was "They just make you happy!"

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