Monday, January 13, 2014


New year means no better time than today to keep living the dream. The dream may be changing (i.e. probably no more freelancing for the foreseeable future) but I'm more excited than ever to have the chance to chase my passions for the next 365 days.

Tasks at the forefront:

MORE DOODLES! Goal: Expand my body of work to include larger (and pricier) doodle paintings so that I might be able to join some point soon. [Yay potential passive income!].
PROGRESS towards goal: FIVE new doodles have begun. I will focus on them exclusively until they are done so I can get the ball rolling while I turn my gaze towards writing.

MORE WRITING! Goal: Pick back up where I left off on my book project, start developing the characters and story further... working towards completing the crummy first draft by the end of 2014.
PROGRESS: Still excited to pursue this, but it's sidelined until I finish the new doodle paintings.

MORE PAINTING! Goal: Expand into the fine art market (hopefully in collaboration with my husband). Up first is clouds. Lots and lots of giant cloud paintings!
PROGRESS: Gathering inspiration. Going to start the first soon.

Happy days are where you look for them!

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