Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I've been browsing Pinterest a lot recently, collecting typographic quote posters with the intention of switching out some of the artwork hanging around the house in favor of inspirational words instead.
As a side effect, all that pinteresting got me randomly wondering if there were any super cool graphic posters floating about that I might also want to display around the house... Particularly for the movie Gravity (one of my new all-time favorite films). After some searching of the interwebs, I found a cool poster or two but nothing that is (in my opinion) very definitive of the movie. So for now I decided to take and use a pre-existing poster which I already really liked on its own---except that I want to be able to see stars and the earth alongside that awesomely lonely floating figure. So with a bit of adjustment and editing, I tweaked my way to my ideal version of the Gravity movie poster.  See below.

Note: I intend no copyright infringement by sharing this customized version with you, I just wanted to share my excitement and enthusiasm for the film (which if you haven't seen...you are truly missing something mind bogglingly beautiful and important to the progress of cinema). So go see Gravity and enjoy.

That is all.

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