Saturday, July 29, 2017


I'm creating posters for two more of my favorite films. The basic composition for Practical Magic has been underway for a while now but I only recently made some significant adjustments that are helping me to like it much better overall. Still many things to work out but I'm excited about this direction.

In the meantime I'm chipping away at Pocahontas whenever I have a few minutes at the computer. The color difference on this piece between my monitor and my Cintiq is alarming so I'll have to be careful to make sure the colors are accurate before I'm finished. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Happy 20th Anniversary, CONTACT! The film made it's theatrical debut on July 11, 1997 and I'm very happy to have completed the artwork for my fan poster just in time to celebrate this week!

I am forming a private group to fund a limited edition screen printed poster. I hope there are a few more fans out there who want to show it some love and help me make it a reality. Interested? Details below.

Here are the details:

CONTACT by C.A. Martin (I'm running the group myself)
Size: 24x36
Colors: 12 (plus paper white)
Special Inks: metallic layer
Special paper: pearlescent white
Run Size: TBD, 20-50
Payment Due Date: August 1
Printer: Lady Lazarus
Cost: TBD, $85 shipped (or less) is the target
Start Date: Artwork is done

Joining the commission constitutes a commitment to pay for one printed poster.

Click the link below to join.